5 de junio de 2009

1th at the Margarita Wild Winds 2009 Freestyle Woman !!!!!

Tex, Tom Brendt / Fotos Yoli
After 7 years break, from 22nd till 30th of May 2009 the Margarita Wildwinds at El Yaque Beach in Venezuela celebrated its revival.
Big names like Kevin Pritchard, Peter Volwater, Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, Taty Frans, Kiri Thode, Antxon Otaegui joined the event to battle against the El Yaque heroes Gollito Estredo, Cheo Diaz, Diony Guadagnino, Ricardo Campello, Colette Guadagnino, Yoli de Brendt and national Slalom Champ Alexis Carache.
9 days contest in front of an almost perfect setup, with most important TV broadcasters present and some special events like the “Kings of the Night” Freestyle Event and helicopter filming.
The competition started with some Slalom races and a Freestyle Expression Session, where Fanatic´s Gollito Estredo and Yoli de Brendt managed to impress the massive crowds at the beach.
After three full days of Slalom the well experienced pro riders were in a solid lead after many races like a long distance race to the island of Coche and back, with Volwater in first place and Costa Hoevel in second, followed by Carache and Freestyle Guru Gollito Estredo. Only Taty Frans manged to put himself into the fight for the podium places and in the end he finished third, with Volwater still in first and Costa Hoevel in second position.
Day four was the first Freestyle day and Gollito Estredo, Yoli de Brendt and Cheo Diaz proofed that this is their home. Yoli de Brendt left no chance to her opponents with a heat packed of Shakas, Punetas, Esliders, Spock variations and Switch Chachoo. Gollito had some more work to do. Especially Kiri Thode and Taty Frans were also on fire. In the final Cheo Diaz (who just had beaten Taty Frans in the semi final) was waiting for him. Diaz started his final with one of his very solid heats, but not enough to match Estredo´s radical style and moves. A solid single elimination round had been sailed and the next windy days should be for Slalom again, before the Freestylers would sail their Double Elimination including the big final. Kiri Thode managed to fight his way back into the final against Estredo and with massive AirBob´s and Burners and a whole variety of double Moves, he really made Estredo´s life very hard. But the actual World Champion equally performed sick double moves together with super dynamic and radical moves like his winning move, the One Hand Airfunnel. Also Yoli de Brendt managed to hold her opponents back and so Gollito and Yoli won the Margrita Wildwinds and so also defended their title as Venezuelan Freestyle Champions from 2008.

Results :
Freestyle Men
1. Gollito Estredo (Fanatic)
2. Kiri Thode
3. Cheo Diaz

Freestyle Women
1. Yoli de Brendt (Fanatic)
2. Rosmary Rodriguez
3. Marisabel Velasquez

Slalom Men
1. Peter Volwater
2. Gonzalo Costa Hoevel
3. Taty Frans

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