27 de mayo de 2009

Wave Special at FBC Morocco & Moulay 2009

For the first Wave Special of the Fanatic/North Sails/Windsurflabor Event Tour, participants from Switzerland, Poland and Spain came to Moulay in Morocco with one goal: Learn everything about waves and how to ride the mountains of water. With Moulay Bouzerktoun in south Morocco one of the best wavespots along the African coastline has been chosen and we can say, it´s been a really good choice. With the already more famous Essaouira as base and with the Fanatic Boarder Center Magic Fun Afrika as provider of great gear we were ready to start the first Wave Special.

The six days clinic started with some low wind days, but no reason to be disappointed. It was a good chance to get used to Waves with some surfsessions and important theory, so once the wind and swell arrived at the second part of the week, everybody was ready to hit the waves and go for first small Bottom Turns and Cutbacks with big Waveboards NewWave 81 and 91 and the FreeWaves 86 and 77 and sails between 5,0 and 5,6, just perfect for a first day in already somehow powerful waves.

After all preparations in the previous days and excursions through the old and beautiful Medina of Essaouira, the wind finally arrived with full power for the 3,7 and 3,5m² sails in company with some nice 2 – 3 meter waves to spend all day long on the water, with only a short break at low tide when the whole reef just comes out of the water and gave as the opportunity for lunch in the Café Resto at the first floor of the Fanatic Boarders Center.

Morocco indeed was worth the trip and it was just great to have done a Wave Special at this spot. Thanks to Bruno from the Magic Fun Center for all his efforts and great service. We will be back with two Events in Essaouira – Moulay in 2010, promised!
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