16 de mayo de 2009

Tarifa !

Tarifa & Andalusia
The Windsurflabor and Fanatic Event team "Loop and Freestyle Week" in Tarifa 06th until 11th of june "still places available"Tarifa in Andalusia – Spain, very well known as one of the windiest Spots worldwide, with long, long sandy Beaches, fantastic Windsurf and Kitesurf Spots and a beautiful historic city, countless Bars and Restaurants.From the 06th until 11th of june the Windsurflabor and Fanatic Event Team will be there one more time for the “Loop and Freestyle week”Starting from Tarifa City, the clinic will be held at the best Spot of the day, to secure getting as much time as possible on the water. During the six day clinic you can enjoy :As much time on water as possible together with your professional TrainerteamVideoanalisisTheory partsFotoshootsNightlifeNo wind excursions or / and sports like Mountainbike Tours, Surftrips etcAfter some years of good experience with Dengs-Funsport.de, also this year they will provide Flights, Accomodation, Car Rental, Equipment Rental and StorageIndividual Travellers, searching for Gear to rent, check out the new WET Shop in Tarifa
For all Event info and booking requests contact :

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I recognize some of those photos:D
Excelent event!