23 de noviembre de 2008

El Yaque !!!

Hola !!!
I ´m here in in El Yaque one week and yesterday was my first day on the water.. was a really good time there.. .. i´m soooo happyyyyyyyyyyyyy ....the warm water, the pelicans, the palms, the friends .. beautiful and perfect day for me.. with my 5.0 ice and skate 98, I like my board and I like my sail...perfect for this condition...

what is not soo good, that I cannot see gollito on the water, he is here, but he can´t sail for two o three month, but he is ok. he have more time for family and friends BBQ, film, christmas shopping and more ;)

the next days the forecast looks don´t good ..rain a many clous .. but no worrent I´m happyyyyy here in home .........
Greetings !!! y Hasta Pronto!!

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