12 de noviembre de 2010

Back home in El Yaque !!!!!!

After long time i am back home !! that is so good and placent ,  the wind is very light and at the night some  rain,  but i am happy to be back at home and  see my family and enjoying my house and the time on the water... yesterday was a great windsurf day, i  have been on the water with my 5,0 and 90 liter and was so good, not perfect because the wind was very gusty, but after two  month really quiet... yesterday was fantactic !! but today there was no wind and again quiet ..maybe tomorrow i will be back  with  the  kite lesson , i don t  know, i hope the wind will be back tomorrow  for windsurfing ... here some beautiful pic s of  www.elyaquenews.com   all pics Tom Brendt  

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