29 de septiembre de 2010

My Time in sylt !!!

i`m in  Sylt at the PWA Colgate World Cup 2010, but not to compete , i came only for a week, to be present at the pricegiving ceremony  overall of the Women Freestyle 2010 together with Sara and laure, this is my second day and  there were no waves and no wind, but it was really great to see again all  friends and all competitors here in Sylt, the  weather  is  wonderful , sunshine and not too cold,  but i hope the weather changes  a little  bit and that some waves and wind will arrive so the boys and  girls can  compete, today i finished my painting to help the people in  Pakistan ,that was a very  good  idea Jan , Jan will put the painting in Ebay, and the money for the sale is 100 %  to help the people in Pakistan , some competitors paint every day  a little bit and the painting now is beautiful if you are in Sylt and want to see the painting go to the tent of Fanatic and North Sails and you can see .....  
more pics ... here www.yoli-v26.com

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