1 de septiembre de 2009

Klitmoller & Denmark

The last week i was in Denmark this was my first time there and i love the place for waves!! sometimes i have respect for waves, because my first time with a wave board was in Fuerteventura 6 years ago and was not very good experience for me, i had a big crash and couldn´t sail for five days..
then i try again in Gran Canaria two years after this and wasn´t a good experience with 45 knots and 3 to 4m waves i lost my equipment.... i had no chance in this condition and my board was broken in seven points and i had not a good time in the big waves with no equipment...anyway
In El Yaque i don´t have a good spot for waves, sometimes we have small waves there but with no power and maybe 1,30 m this is nothing for real wave training...
My love discipline is Freestyle but i like waves and some time Slalom too and when i have a chance i visit some spots for waves like Gran Canaria and Holland and this year Denmark- Klitmoller the favorite wavespot for a lot of people !!
The spot is beautiful and perfect to learn waves, there you have a chance for big waves and small waves with power or no power.
In the week we have only three days with wind, the last day was perfect conditions for me! i improve a lot in the waves and had a lot of fun on the water with my friends and with a lot of girls like German Steffi Wahl and the other locals, i love the place because i have a chance for take some waves with no problem, was only little cold for me ;) but this is not a big problem, i have a very good week there with nice fish dinner and BBQ and very nice having sailed in the waves :) !!!
tomorrow morning i go to Greece Kos for the Windsurflabor Clinic " Improve & Move " this is my first time in Greece and i hope we will have a good wind this week and will have a lot of fun on the water with all participants.

More fotos here...

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