4 de agosto de 2009

I´m Happyyyyyyyy 3rd at Fuerteventura World Cup and 4th Overall 2009 !! Thank God !!!!!!!!!!!!

I ´m happy with my 3rd place at the Fuerteventura World Cup 2009 and happy too with my 4th overall PWA this is the best result in my carrier and one of my dreams in Sport !! Thanks God !!!!

I like soo much Fuerteventura because it is like my home spot El Yaque, a little bit choppy and gusty but some time perfect for freestyle !!!

After Lanzarote we stayed three weeks before the competition in Fuerteventura for training, every day we had a different condition on the water, strong wind, light wind gusty and choppy and some time small waves, very hard for training freestyle in this condition, but every day is different in your life and when you don´t have a good day, the day after this is much better !

we had two days competition with strong wind and flat water this was perfect condition for freestyle. i had one heat with Junko Nagoshi this year she sailed very good she was second in Lanzarote and before the competition she was training a lot, i sailed my heat with 3,4 full power and i made a good heat with some crash ;) but good to avdance in the next heat with Iballa R. Moreno she sailed also very good too in the first heat what she had before, Iballa made a perfect Toad and flaka and very fast Spock 540 and some more moves for sure i needed my best heat with her !!

Thank God i had a good heat with Iballa and avdanced again in this single i finished 3rd, i was soo happy with this place !!! Sara won the single like always she was special on the water with very nice moves and a good smile :) and Daida finished second she sailed very good too with nice goiter one hand and fast Clew first Spock, spock 540 and Flakas Cana Brava.
in my second day competition the wind was again strong and very very flat and i waited for my heat with Nayra Alonso she was this day very good nice Grubbys and fast Spock but i made too a good heat with her and i finished my double in 3rd position again :) i was soo happy :) !!
the next two days the wind was very light and the last day we tried an expression session but the wind was again light, so we finished the event with one double. this is better than nothing and i´m very happy with my result. i trained a lot for this moment and now i training more for the next dream !! i want to say thank God for this moment i know you are always with me, Thank my husband, my family, my friends for motivate me, and thank a lot to my sponsors for supporting me all the time and all the people for all comments before and after the competition.
i train more and more for the next year for more fun on the water !!!

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