6 de julio de 2009

5th Place at Lanzarote World Cup 2009 !!!

The PWA world cup 2009 in Lanzarote playa las Cucharas is over and i take de 5th place in really hard but good conditions!!!

This year in lanzarote the conditions were really crazy !! we stayed ten days in playa las cucharas and the first five days was no wind for training before the competition we have time for relax and for some fotoshooting at the beautyful and different style in the Lanzarote Island !! the first day of competition the condition was good wind for 4.7 and 5.4 and flat and choppy condition i finish 5th in the single elimination !!!
the second day the wind was really good too with some small wave, i sailed my heat with 4,2 and was really good session i finish 5th in the double elimination!
the third day the waves were more big and very strong gusty wind !!! i take my 3.7 and was too big but 3.4 too !!!! really hard to sail freestyle in this condition but was very fun day !! i like the strong wind but i prefer the choppy water and small waves for freestyle and this day was really big waves!! for guys was a party on the water but for me was a tsunami after me ;) !!!! but it was a good day and i could finish 3rd at the single elimination!!! this was a really good moment again for me !!! in the double i finish 4th !!
the last day the wind was like the first day i take my 4.7 again and finish 5th in this single and double elimination !!!
was a really good competition !! really nice too see again all the girls and the guys on the water and was really good for me take control and concentration for this hard condition, i finish 5th and i´m happy with this result !!!!!
Thanks very much to all the team of the Lanzarote world Cup at las Cucharas for this great Competition!!
and thanks very much to my family, friends and all people are happy with my result !!!! this is my motivation for the next competition !!!

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