14 de agosto de 2008

Costa Calma Windsurfing Camp 2008

Hi Everybody!

We Have had (7) seven Great days in Costa Calma fuerteventura !!!!! 25 clients, lessons 10 in the morning until dark, super nice People at the "fanatic fun center" and nice spot at Costa Calma, that was our 2008 Freestyle Camp In Fuerteventura !!!!

Thanks to all our clients for a great week ;) !!!

The next Windsurfing Camp "We Want You" is in the beautiful place Tarifa -Spain !!! Sailing at Tarifa´s best Spots, the most beautiful Beaches, This event is open to eveybody!! Here you came to learn beachstart, waterstart, footstraps and freestyle moves !!!

For more details here: www.tom-brendt.de
Accomodation or complete Prices : info@dengs-funsport.de please mail to tom@tom-brendt.de

Greetings !!


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